Step on to the mats...

We are proud to be a branch dojo of the Niseido® Ju Jitsu federation and one of the few "traditional" ku jitsu schools in the Louisville, Kentucky area.

Our classes integrate traditional Japanese Ju Jitsu with a modern training concept. In every class we practice striking techniques, movement drills, rolling and falling. Throwing techniques, joint locking techniques, strangulation, and holding techniques are the infrastructure of our self-defense training and are practiced every class!

We regularly practice 3 different styles of fighting, Kumite (sparring), Randori (Judo play), and gatame waza (ground fighting). Founded in 1974, as Nisei Goshin Jitsu, Niseido® Ju Jitsu is a modern version of this ancient martial art, encompassing Nage Waza (Judo throws), Kansetsu Waza (Joint Locking), Shime Waza (chokes), Gatame Waza (ground fighting), and Goshin Jutsu (self defense).

Most initial questions regarding our style and our club can be answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page, however, feel free to give us a call at (502) 779-1111, or e-mail us We'd love to have you join us to see if Niseido® Ju Jitsu is the right art for you.